It’s now your turn,
Back never to turn,
So kindly just pack,
To revisit your ‘state’ there back,
Too late to say sorry,

I don’t have to worry,
Because you took me as a trolley,
Any direction you used me to adjust,
Of-wich it was unjust,
Too late to say sorry,

Rather than beeing held captive,
As if to you am possessive,
Part of your ‘genetic’material,
I cant withstand the granted action,
Too late to say sorry,

For best i chose the alternative,
Of the respective affair,
To devote for the state of un-affair,
Because ‘recessive’ was beyond my expectation,
Too late to say sorry,

Clearly it was meant to be,
Good beeing the bye,
In between the ‘lines’,
Go through the ‘content’,
Too late to say sorry.




Ball on the court,
Blind were the passes,
Staggered with the m
The ‘tides’ in the ‘sea’,

The unjastified assortment,
Focus on the fate of unsatisfaction,
Clinching the innocent ‘straw’,
The drawning dog scenario,

Wieard contradiction domination,
Intimidation from the covert,
The cowardice advocation,
Pitty to the crabby victims,

The prerequisite of on all fours,
On the great ‘potent’ reveal,
‘Posh’ became the honour,
Character and speech defined to be pompous,

Though with the strong ‘pick’,
Late was to break the ‘bond’,
Aware of the curious media trending,
‘Parka’ fitted the situation.



Nectar poet.indoors @wordpress

As an innocent aspiring level two student,
Warm was the welcome note,
With a reloaded principles file,
To be conversant and fully get enrolled to the ‘home’,
At last to be addresed as a member of the familly,

Ironical it turned to be,
Expected condition of the new environment,
Creating an intense suspecious feeling,
How to break out from the grounded monotony,

Subjection to the arithmetics,
On an attempt of a perspective from diffrent angles,
To the minority easy the concept became,
But tough and tricky to the majority category as time went on,

In addition with more and continous lessons,
Completely and automatically the atitude switched negative,
Creating a room for evil thoughts and deeds,
Sneaking and drugs are adorn to retrive the lost atitude,

Expulsion and suspension arise,
As a ‘culling’ method,
But the chain continues ,
The moment a transfer letter is issued.


#High school life.




With anciety eager and curiosity,
The pending decission awaiting,
In a clarification conclusion,
To categorise the gender,

The patience to be releaved,
In the busy and competitive society,
Finally the ‘king’ landed,
To start the new ‘secondary life’,

Besides the fact that you knew nothing,
Warm was the welcome,
Expert in the field of milk suckling,
To rapture the negative thoughts some had for you,

For seasons were not left behind,
One after another substituition kept on,
Allowing you to ‘vacate’ from one level to another,
Inconjuction with the mercy from the messiah,

To cherish for you to flourish,
The motherly care she gave,
For you to be the desiarable blossom,
Her efforts to be reflected,

Inconjuction is my salutation,
For your birth celebration,
To blow a thousand candles,
With honour i submit my prayers to the messiah.



“Goodbye” “see you soon”,
Last words to the soul mate,
Unaware of never to ‘look’ back,
But all in all a respons to the call of duty shall be made,

In thick and thin,
A thrive to survive with the mates,
Eventually for victory to dine,
Only the minority afford to reach ‘caanan’,

“Was it meant to be that way?”,
Questions of emotional torture dilema,
To an extend of life underact,
Witness the ‘depature’ of the mission partner,

The strggle to omit so as to admit,
Memories while in the scene,
But it creates a sence of commiting a sin,
Because the souls shall never wear out like a sole,

With honour is a gratitude salute,
For the commitment to ‘shield’ the oarth,
In peace rest as the battle continues,
To complete by hunting down your ‘opponent’,

As a team for its our duty,
Though permanent we shall never remain,
To the victims of team ‘imbalance’,
Promise to you we submit,
All they gonna do is pay for your ‘departure’.

@Nectar poet

POINT BREAK break/poetry

Pretence was the heart to care,
Mutating the innocent mind with love,
Unaware of the act behind the scene,
Claimed to love later dispice,
Adorned was the betrayal,

Frauded by forting the promises,
To tame the loving and caring heart,
Inreturn was a materialistic love,
For the blame of an affair,
Adorned was the betrayal,

Truth be told,
It is tartered into parts,
The state of the innocent heart,
Bleaching the affection love concept,
Adorned was the betrayal,

It is already done,
For underation you chose to embrace,
In peace depart as i stay,
Back that i expect you not to look,
Adorned was the betrayal,

Truely it hurts,
On the preview of the innocent subjection,
As the rule of the romans,
Failure was the effort of faith ,
Adorned was the betrayal.
@clint #


Africa is a beauty,
For its skinned people,
Be it white or black,
Life is one time offer,

It is so conc in a manner that i cant witstand,
For more and more it tends to attract,
The unlimitted ‘solar’ rays,
Dorminating and surpressing,
Every active body cell,

Results the racial discrimination,
Creating a room for lonliness,
Emotionally dryspell in other words,
Subjecting the victim to the fear of interraction,

Was it a curse?,
Questions of situation addmision failure,
For the majority wins,
Artificially they join them,

To satisfy the thoughts,
without the consideration of the dangers and expences,
Violating the work of the messiah,
Revealing the biasness of his efforts,

But i ronically…why do they deviate from high ‘concetration’ to low ‘concetration’,
Yet the ‘low’ is less valued?,
clear indication that the ‘shoes’ fits their ‘feet’,
To adore and embrace the African cultre,
By artificially changing the race and even their biological names,
Without biassness,every race our mother land can