Dear EX…

poetry@wordpress/Dear ex…
WHY can never be the subject of a regret
The moment you opted out
To me it was clear that
The cut off points you had set
I could not met
To call you a convict is an offence,

Life must move on
Mind to know
Still alive and kicking,
The hell out of this none sence society,
Though am not that much audible,
But all i know the words are edible,
Beside the fact that you disaproved them
With my rentless effort to reconcile

Still more and more
Application submision shall be done,
Always stay conversant
To adhere to the covenant,

Just admit as i uphold my opinion
The bond can never be re-amend,
Because i chose you to cherish
With no benefit of doubt
I gave you my magnanimous heart
But in return
You took advantage of it in every manner,

Till that moment,
When the mirror shall be frank
To reflect your guiltiness
Neither with you but we shall be on an ‘island’,

Atleast have a diffrent taste,
The ‘waters ‘ salaivating for you,
For i can’t trace the key
To unlock the contradiction.
Just give in the ‘accomodation’,
With absolute no error

The aspect of myocardium uderation,
Can not slake so as to trigger deletion of your number,
I’ll keep it for auto updates of my state affair,
Redeem my reputation for your ‘Bonga’ points
To keep the motion on the track of the merry-go round.
In other words sequence episode recycle.




poetry@Nectar/BLACK PAl
I can remember that night,
As if it was just yester-night,
Under the jacaranda tree
I could not bear the flash back,
How things fell apart,

Dark and silent,
Swaying on the canoe,
Only friend beeing the breeze,
In the middle of the sea,
A deep schok trauma,
Only thought beeing gravely concerned,

The one and only left in the battalion,
Little mini-star,
Broke as a bottle of whine
Last man standing,
Battling to break out from the ‘silence’,


You din’t even take time,
To inquire for the state of the journey,
So you thought i was not sobber,
Simply because my first impression,
To you my words seemed to be jabber,
Another one…when i asked you me tojoin,

“Always have a back up plan”…
A chorus that she used to sing
So my mama was never insane?

Its a fact…

Verbals do hurt,
But not as much as actions do
With experience i’ ve come to learn,
Though its hard on the head the nail to hit
For the shame shall be very severe,
To an extend of creating an inner burn
A persist of the fade painted coate,

Though we wre three
Completely covered by canophy of the tree,
Searching for the cedar tree,
For atleast to trim and shape it for the ex-mass,
Only means to usher in the ex-mass,

Down the lane i was alone,
On the spot glad i made a quick spot,
That made you to loose interest of the other ceders,
Yet you claimed to respect the bond,
After screwing it up indirectly.



Lonely accross the valley,
Battling with the stregnth of the monsoons,
For eventually to dine with ‘kings’,
On the other side of the mountain,

But why so soon,
On the western mountain peak,
A goodbye salute,
Of the golden ‘eye’,

So can i conclude its a bad omen,
But back i’ve gat no bussiness to do with,
Instead i’drather hibernate,
To keep the motion on the track,

I woun’t be tired to rise to the occasion,
For i’m fed-up of beeing dump and broke,
So as by the end,
I can bask on the sun,
A waiting at the end of the tunnel

Though with the ups and downs,
Parmanently were never meant to be,
Though the theme was just a mere plaint
That went viral and propably can trace the chime

Be ready …
For your self to boo
Because the booty shall dissapoint
In your usual sunday best atire
For i can’t deny …
This is the same sky
With those familiar stars…
But why order the same bear
Just as me in the same bar?



More than a decade,
Invisible was the last expectation,
Does it mean it was a noma
ns land?,
In-advance why was there no caution?,
But why so intense?,
Reducing the milli-efforts into nothing,
But why me?,

So as to bring back to life,
A tartered home,
With debts and credits,
To safeguard the ‘3rd’ ge
Instead justify the unity slogan,
Before things shall fall apart,
But why me?,

Be it that you are not my mama,
I had sibs who kept life my effort,
Motivated every step i took,
In-return that was a home far from home,
As their mother…
Why show them dissapointment,
But why me?,

Why blame the biological complication,
Wheather in other words,
Yet even you are perfectly aware of the
Principals of the almighty,
But why me?,

But it is a clear evidence,
Beeing in the ‘middle’ of the sahara,
The only race in the far ‘west’,
Where i’ve gat no mama neither papa,
To cry for,

But why me?,
But all in all a head of us…
There is judgement day.
Be it that i’m not perfect,
Only for the sake of the minority.

But why me?.

@nectar poet.



It’s now your turn,
Back never to turn,
So kindly just pack,
To revisit your ‘state’ there back,
Too late to say sorry,

I don’t have to worry,
Because you took me as a trolley,
Any direction you used me to adjust,
Of-wich it was unjust,
Too late to say sorry,

Rather than beeing held captive,
As if to you am possessive,
Part of your ‘genetic’material,
I cant withstand the granted action,
Too late to say sorry,

For best i chose the alternative,
Of the respective affair,
To devote for the state of un-affair,
Because ‘recessive’ was beyond my expectation,
Too late to say sorry,

Clearly it was meant to be,
Good beeing the bye,
In between the ‘lines’,
Go through the ‘content’,
Too late to say sorry.



Ball on the court,
Blind were the passes,
Staggered with the m
The ‘tides’ in the ‘sea’,

The unjastified assortment,
Focus on the fate of unsatisfaction,
Clinching the innocent ‘straw’,
The drawning dog scenario,

Wieard contradiction domination,
Intimidation from the covert,
The cowardice advocation,
Pitty to the crabby victims,

The prerequisite of on all fours,
On the great ‘potent’ reveal,
‘Posh’ became the honour,
Character and speech defined to be pompous,

Though with the strong ‘pick’,
Late was to break the ‘bond’,
Aware of the curious media trending,
‘Parka’ fitted the situation.



Nectar poet.indoors @wordpress

As an innocent aspiring level two student,
Warm was the welcome note,
With a reloaded principles file,
To be conversant and fully get enrolled to the ‘home’,
At last to be addresed as a member of the familly,

Ironical it turned to be,
Expected condition of the new environment,
Creating an intense suspecious feeling,
How to break out from the grounded monotony,

Subjection to the arithmetics,
On an attempt of a perspective from diffrent angles,
To the minority easy the concept became,
But tough and tricky to the majority category as time went on,

In addition with more and continous lessons,
Completely and automatically the atitude switched negative,
Creating a room for evil thoughts and deeds,
Sneaking and drugs are adorn to retrive the lost atitude,

Expulsion and suspension arise,
As a ‘culling’ method,
But the chain continues ,
The moment a transfer letter is issued.


#High school life.